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June 15-17:  Shoot To Win: 

Youth 8-10am H.S 10:30-12:30 $125

A great camp for wrestlers looking to improve their offense on their feet. This camp covers set-ups, leg attacks and finishes. Teaching wrestlers proper technique and building a belief that EVERY TIME they shoot, they shoot to score.


June 21-23:  Mikey Benefiel Fireman To Win:

Youth 8-10am H.S 10:30-12:30 $125

A Fireman’s Carry camp taught by the Fireman master himself, Mikey Benefiel. Coach Benefiel will be teaching the skills that helped earn him his 4 IHSA State titles and NCAA National title. Join in on the fun and become a Fireman’s Carry master.


June 25-29:  Wrestling Is Life - Wisconsin Dells

W1921 Lyndon Lane , Lyndon Station Wisconsin 53944

Cost: $200

****Only open to State Qualifiers, State Place Winners and State Champions.
If you think your son should be considered please Call and speak with Melissa at 847.885.4999


June 29 - July 1:  Ride And Pin To Win

Youth 8-10am H.S 10:30-12:30 $125

As much as riding has to do with technique, it's even more of an attitude. This camp will help you build that edge and belief that you can ride and pin everyone. Learn elite riding techniques that break your opponents and put you in position to get the pin.


July 3-7:  Fargo National Training Camp:

“Fargo National Training Camp”

Preparing your body is expected but preparing your mind is an advantage over the competition. Build confidence in your wrestling game by sharpening your mind, skills and stamina with this 5 day national training camp.


July 6-8:  Basics To Win:

"1s​t​ and 2n​d​ year wrestlers”

12-1:30 $125

More than just a beginners camp. Basics taught in this camp are the heart of wrestling itself. Don’t miss out on the skills that will carry your little one through his wrestling career.


July 10-12:  Elite Hand Fighting & Setups:

Youth 8-10am H.S 10:30-12:30 $125

Hand-Fighting is a key area in wrestling where all wrestlers need improvement. Learn to stay in control of your opponent with these elite hand-fighting techniques. Focus on improving control, movement, clearing ties, timing and staying a step ahead of your opponent. This camp will push you past your breaking point so you can do the same when it comes match time.


July 17-19:  Throw To Win:

Youth 8-10am H.S 10:30-12:30 $125

Being able to throw your opponent is a match changer at any time. Learning how to perform high level throws and when to throw them is key in this camp. You also learn how to incorporate legs into your throws to maximize your skills in the winter.


July 24-26:  Back To Basics To Win

Youth 8-10am H.S 10:30-12:30 $125

With all the technique taught these days, wrestlers often fall short because they lack the basic skills to win. Sharpen up your skills at the core by perfecting the basic fundamentals at this 3 day camp.