What can the sport of wrestling offer that no other sport can offer?
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What can the sport of wrestling offer that no other sport can offer?

Wrestling is likely not the first sport that comes to mind when you think about what sports to get your son involved in however, it's one that you should really start to consider.

Wrestling may not be the most glorified sport by the rest of society and the majority of kids their age will not be participating in it but, for those who do, there are incredible benefits that can be learned from the experience.

As a parent I think it is important to ask yourself why you want your child involved in sports in the first place. I would imagine that most parents want sports to be an enjoyable experience where their child can build friendships, encourage an active lifestyle, and to learn a few lessons that could help them later on in life. From my experience, wrestling has provided me with all of these and so much more.

Wrestling is an extremely difficult sport to succeed at however, if you're able to harness what it takes to be successful, you will have developed true character. You will have learned discipline, dedication, delayed gratification, and you will be left with an incredible work ethic. After enduring the sport of wrestling, you will have gained humility, relentless persistence, courage, confidence, respect, and the ability to overcome any obstacle that life throws your way.

In addition to the many personal traits that one can gain from wrestling, the sport can also provide an avenue for experience. Whether it's traveling the country to compete in national events or opportunities to compete in college athletics, wrestling can truly provide unique life experiences that will have a lasting impact.

Here's a video from the 2015 NCAA D1 National Championships that showcases some of the best college wrestlers in the country and how the sport of wrestling has positively impacted their lives.


Dan Gable, Olympic Gold Medalist